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Skaia Incipisphere

What's New in v2?


think emoji meme 



Updated UI


cracked minecraft launcher 



Supports Latest Versions, like 1.14.4!

No need to wait for different versions of Minecraft! This launcher has it all! 

If an update won't work on the launcher, we'll always release a new hotfix as soon as we can.


minecraft 1.14.4 



Username Saver

Tired of having to input your username every time you start a launcher? HAHA! We thought of that. We think of everything.



Over 15 translations.

Earth doesn't look like this, by the way.

Earth is flat. Prove us wrong.


planet earth clipart 



Forge & Optifine Support


cracked minecraft launcher forge support 






wow noahtho is so amazing join skaia today and use the launcher its the best! ~ OvOlicious



This launcher allows you to play Minecraft for free. The latest version of the game. I have been using it for years since MC 1.6 or so. Can't recommend it enough. There is also a server called Skaiacraft that supports this launcher - you can have your online Minecraft experience for free. The launcher also gets constant updates to support the latest Minecraft releases.



good launcher yes, it launches the block game and even has a server that you should join called Skaiacraft